Friday, May 8, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Party

So we had a few friends over for Cinco de Mayo... or at least a few days before. The menu:

Chips and salsa and guacamole (avacado smashed up with lemon juice and salt)
Steak Fajitas (skirt steak marinated overnight)
Southwestern slaw (I'd give it a 5 out of 10)
Cheesy Black Beans (my favorite!)
Shrimp with Cilanto and Lime (Gourmet cookbook, also very good)
Sangria (I, personally, don't like fruit in my wine)
Margaritas (yummy)

And a fruit tart for dessert -- not Mexican, not even Spanish but very very very good. Cookie crust, homemade custard on top of that, fresh berries, the apricot jelly -- I made a second one the next day, but because it was so very good.

Everyone left at 10:30, which we thought was weird, because we are used to people staying until 2am. It was almost as if we didn't know what to do with ourselves after eveyone left -- the night was still so young. But that must be how adults do it, right?

I've been cleaning out that darn freezer this week (much to the dismay of my family). I think we're probably getting to the bottom of it now. The rest I should just throw away --

My next challenge: trimming a beef tenderloin the Alton Brown way -- and making all those delicious red meat dishes --

I found video on YouTube -- can't wait!