Thursday, April 30, 2009

My freezer

Last night I was overcome with a desire to make ice cubes. Odd as it sounds, I like good old fashioned ice cubes and we're having people over for dinner on Saturday, and thought I should stock up.

That led to me trying to secure freezer space to actually store the trays. Ugh! I have a freezer in the kitchen and one in the basement. The kitchen freezer was PACKED with stuff. Nuts, single steaks, 1/2 jars of spaghetti sauce, fish sticks (no one will eat), sauerkraut (?), hot dog rolls, bread ends -- to make crumbs some day, cool whip, all sorts of frozen vegetables. Some things are older than my children (yikes!)

Rather than actually edit the contents, I moved it all downstairs and will put that chore on my to-do list. We are also going to start eating out of the freezer -- it could be weeks before I have to go to the store again. On the up side -- I have made two batches of ice cubes and feel peace when I open the freezer upstairs.

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